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    pink itchy eyes

    Pink and Itchy eyes can be a cause of worry.

    A new health concern that is surfacing amidst COVID-19 is the pink and itchy eyes. According to health experts a new symptom of XBB 1.16 variant of the COVID-19 is emerging in the form of conjunctivitis. During the past three years the doctors and medical experts have witnessed different symptoms of COVID-19 and its sub […]

    COVID 19

    Surge in COVID-19 Cases: Are we about to witness another wave?

    India records the highest number of single-day cases. Is it a cause to worry? As per the official data of the Health Ministry, there were 10,000 COVID-19 cases reported on April 14, 2023. It has been the highest number ever to be reported on one single day. The experts attribute this rise to the XBB […]


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