Useful tips for Shoulder pain

Quick Tips for Stiff Shoulders!

Tight and tensed shoulders can cause pain or stiffness in our neck, upper back, and upper body. According to experts, it traps the shoulders, neck, and upper back and limits your daily activities. Causes for Stiff Shoulders Stress and tension Wrong posture while working Incorrect sleeping positions Slouching down in an incorrect posture Injuries or sudden shock Improper […]

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How to manage dizziness?

Ways To Manage All-Time Dizziness!

Do you often find yourself experiencing dizziness frequently? If so, you are not alone. Many people complain of feeling dizzy, like they are about to faint, or that their surroundings are moving or spinning around them.  Well, it may usually occur along with nausea or vomiting. While dizziness is not a medical condition, it may be an […]

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Habits that impact our Metabolism

Habits that slow down our Metabolism

Are you experiencing low energy, slow or no weight loss? These can be indications of a slow metabolism. A sluggish metabolism burns fewer calories, meaning more fat is stored in the body. Therefore, some people have difficulty losing weight even after cutting calories and working out rigorously. Metabolism, often called the body’s engine, is pivotal in energy expenditure […]

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