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Insurance companies heave a sigh of relief as IRDAI eases norms

According to the insurance regulator, the changes will facilitate business operations and streamline the process of establishing an insurance company in India. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has announced that insurance promoters can now dilute their stake up to 26%. However, the dilution will only occur if the insurer is a […]

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An increase in health insurance disputes seen post COVID: Reports

Indore: Despite the fact that there were more consumer cases involving health insurance filed, a decline of 57.71% in litigation was seen. This was reported across two district consumer dispute redressal commissions (DCDRC) from the year before the pandemic. From January 1 to November 19 of this year, 126 new cases were filed in the district’s […]

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Mental illness coverage mandatory in health insurance: IRDAI

Since COVID, there has been an increase in mental health problems. The pandemic is said to drastically impact mental health. However, numerous initiatives are being carried out to address this issue. According to a formal notice accessible on its official website, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI) has instructed insurance companies to include coverage […]

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Health Insurance for Organ Donors a No No?

Organ donors save lives when they give a part of themselves to save another person’s life, but they frequently struggle to obtain health insurance afterward. Companies either decline to offer them coverage or do so with several riders. Donors and recipients said that while their current insurance covers the cost of the transplant and post-operative […]

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