Eye care in Diabetes

Can Diabetes impact your Eye Health?

Diabetes affects our metabolism adversely; it is a chronic health condition that affects the life of many people across the globe. The aftermath of Diabetes are many, but one of its most significant impacts is on our eyesight. Diabetes can deteriorate your eye health and impact your eyesight. Therefore, diabetics must undertake regular eye check-ups.  […]

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Cataract Surgery

State government to expedite 17 lakh backlog cataract surgeries!

The government will implement the cataract programme by allocating more than 350 operating rooms in state-run district hospitals, medical schools, civil hospitals, and other health department facilities that can offer eye-related medical care. Pune: The state government will begin a “Preventable Blindness Free Maharashtra Mission” in November this year. The goal is to identify and treat […]

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