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Soon, a smart ring for women to track their overall health

Evie is anticipated to incorporate health and wellness parameters, such as resting heart rate, heart rate variability, SpO2, respiration rate, and skin temperature variability, to provide a comprehensive picture of one’s health. Los Angeles: The smart ring Evie from healthcare solutions provider Movano Vital is made exclusively for women and provides them with health information […]

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Soon smartwatches can help detect health problems: Study

Researchers are developing skin-like electronics that combine artificial intelligence to detect potentially emerging severe health issues. With the title “Intrinsically stretchable neuromorphic devices for on-body processing of health data with artificial intelligence,” a study was published in the journal Matter. Although they are more and more common, flexible, wearable electronics have yet to reach their […]

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Study suggests smartwatches could detect emerging health problems

Although they are more and more common, flexible, wearable electronics have yet to reach their full potential. This smartwatch technology may soon make it possible to apply precise medical sensors to the skin for health monitoring and diagnostics. Washington: Researchers are working to create skin-like electronics that combine artificial intelligence to detect potentially serious health […]

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Healthcare professionals to be trained by AIIMS & WHO on World Trauma Day

Thirty-three medical professionals are currently receiving training at the AIIMS Trauma Center in Delhi. The program will end on Thursday, which is also World Trauma Day. Lucknow: WHO and AIIMS Delhi will train UP’s medical staff in treating injured people in intrauterine situations. All health professionals will eventually receive this training after the initial three phases, […]

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Self Medication

More Indians have taken to Self medication, post the pandemic

Self medication has the potential to lead to serious health problems, such as incorrect self-diagnosis, increased risk of drug or supplement interactions, incorrect therapy selection, dependence and abuse risks. Self-medication with over-the-counter (OTC) drugs is a dangerous and common practice that is spreading throughout the world. Various studies have found that, depending on the target […]

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Wadia Hospital makes palliative care available to economically challenged kids

Mumbai: To ease the pain of ailing children & kin, Wadia hospital starts first such palliative home-care “Titli” is a programme funded by the Cipla Foundation, which will provide free home care for patients who belong to the economically disadvantaged sections of society. Mumbai: On Friday, BaiJerbai Wadia Hospital for Children in Parel opened the […]

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AIIMS Nagpur

First bone marrow transplant, a great feat achieved by AIIMS Nagpur!

Blood disorders including thalassemia and sickle cell are very common in Vidarbha and central India. For these blood diseases, Bone Marrow Transplant is the only long-term treatment option. The successful BMT at AIIMS, which was funded by government health programs, maybe a blessing for the underprivileged individuals who have these illnesses. Nagpur: Recently, the bone […]

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Heart ailments detection amplified – thanks to AIIMS bike ambulance!

Four additional medical bike ambulances have been purchased for the expansion programme, bringing the total to eight. The bikes have portable automated external defibrillators, ECG machines, oxygen cylinders, emergency care and medication kits, and emergency medications. New Delhi: With the beginning of Phase II, the ambitious Mission DELHI — Delhi Emergency Life Heart-Attack Initiative of […]

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