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India’s maternal mortality ratio (MMR) improved by 6 points: Reports

India has made a concerted effort to reduce preventable maternal deaths and provide quality, easily accessible maternal and newborn health services under the National Health Mission. To guarantee the delivery of healthcare services, particularly for the efficient implementation of maternal health programmes to achieve the designated MMR targets, the National Health Mission has made significant […]

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Obese Women

Obese women more likely to experience symptoms of long COVID: Study

The study published in PLOS Global Public Health also demonstrates that people with long-term COVID are much more likely than those who recover quickly to require additional and frequently ongoing care at the National Health System (NHS). London: According to a new research, obese women are more likely to experience long-COVID symptoms. According to a […]

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7.3 lakh women suffer from anaemia in Maharashtra: Survey

The “Mata Surakshit Tar Ghar Surakshit” programme resulted in the state’s first-ever large-scale screening of women over 18. These women would now undergo additional screening to determine the severity of the cases. Pune: The state health department of Maharashtra found that 7.3 lakh, or 1.8%, of the 4 crore women it screened between September and […]

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Uterus Removal

The cases of uterus removal on the rise in young women: Experts

Even among much younger women, India sees a high number of uterus removal cases, which experts said may negatively impact women’s physical, social, and mental health. New Delhi: On Wednesday, health professionals from various fields expressed concern over the rising trend of hysterectomy (uterus removal). Even among much younger women, India sees a high number […]

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Drinking in Pregnancy

Drinking even a bit of alcohol during pregnancy can alter a fetal brain!

According to Austrian researchers, even brief exposure to alcohol during pregnancy can alter the fetus’s brain’s structure, the study’s findings indicate that pregnant women should abstain from alcohol completely. Lead researcher Dr. Patric Kienast lamented that “Many pregnant women are unaware of the influence of alcohol on the foetus during pregnancy.” He is a Ph.D. […]

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Preterm birth

Planning to get pregnant in your 40s? Think twice. Here’s why

Such infants require additional attention and treatment for a considerable time after birth. The neonatal intensive care unit will treat any issues a premature baby may have (NICU). In our society, premature infants are not fully prepared for life: Dimple Chudgar, M.D. Mumbai: Preterm birth rates have steadily increased over the past few years as […]

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