Be aware of Non-Sugar Sweeteners

The new healthcare recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO)* released last week suggests that we should avoid the usage of non-sugar sweeteners (NSS) while trying to lose weight. The guideline is based on a study about the effects of consuming NSS during weight management. The study suggests that the non-sugar sweeteners (NSS) available in […]

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5 Ways to boost your metabolism.

Five Ways to Boost Your Metabolism.

Your energy levels are largely dependent on how efficiently your metabolism functions. You should ensure that you practise healthy habbits to boost your metabolism. Table of Content: What is Metabolism? Role of Metabolism Basal Metabolic Rate Difference between a fast metabolism and slow metabolism Factors affecting metabolic rate Five Ways to boost your metabolism Our […]

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International nurse day 2023

International Nurse Day 2023

As mentioned in a famous quote by Val Saintsbury, “Nurses dispense comfort, compassion, and care without even a prescription.” Nurses play a critical role in our society. Table of Content • What is International Nurse Day, and why is it celebrated? • The history behind International Nurse Day • Theme for 2023 • International Nurse […]

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Jamun the health booster

Jamun – the health boosting fruit!

Jamun also known as Java Plum unlimited health benefits. Scientifically, Jamun has been recognized as a medicinal fruit with a plethora of advantages to human health. This purple-colored fruit is native to India and fruits in the summer season. It is an age-old favourite home remedy for stomach pain and flatulence. In addition, it is […]

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improve your Gut health

Know 7 ways to improve your gut health

Poor gut health may cause abdominal pain, nausea, acid reflux, gas, fatigue, and other health complications. Table of Content. What is gut health? Why is it essential to have a healthy gut? Signs of Poor Gut Health. Ways to improve your gut health. What is gut health? There has been an increasing awareness about gut […]

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