Lung Cancer

Half of lung cancer patients admitted in Medanta since 2012 weren’t smokers.

According to the study’s doctors, 10–20% of lung cancer patients in the past did not smoke. In addition, they claimed that their analysis of 304 patients seen at the hospital’s OPD between March 2012 and November 2022 showed that the risk group for lung cancer had grown to include a relatively younger population in addition […]

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Breast Cancer

Survival after Breast Cancer can get a leg-up with moderate exercise

According to a recent study, breast cancer survivors may be able to live longer simply by going for daily brisk walks. Regular exercise, including the frequently recommended daily walk, has many benefits. A lower risk of developing breast cancer is one of the potential health advantages. However, it is unclear whether regular exercise can lengthen […]

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Cancer medicines may get cheaper: Indian UICC president

On Sunday, Prof. Anil D’Cruz, the first Indian president of the UICC, stated that India, like the other 170 or so members of the union, will soon have access to more affordable medications. Ahmedabad: A cancer patient’s family suffers psychologically and financially due to the treatment, which frequently lasts years. The Access to Oncology Medicines (ATOM) […]

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Pandemic has made people more aware of OPD covers

While the pandemic has re-emphasized the necessity of having a health insurance policy, the nature of the policy consumers now want is quite advanced. After the implementation of COVID-19, consumers are more likely to choose a comprehensive plan that includes coverage for OPD (Out Patient Department) costs. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant global events […]

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