Can having diabetes impact your sexual life? Expert responses

Diabetes is a metabolic disease that develops when blood sugars are higher than usual. It might complicate into several other diseases like cardiovascular issues, kidney failure, and stroke at times, if untreated. For treatment regular visits to diabetologist, should be followed. But did you know that both men and women with Diabetes can experience problems […]

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Mumbai: Hand, foot, and mouth disease cases are now reported in older children.

Mumbai: This year, an abnormally high proportion of older children were diagnosed with hand, foot, and mouth disease, which generally affects children under five. Furthermore, the viral infection showed various symptoms and frequently recurred in a short time, both of which were unusual events. Experts think an epidemiological analysis is necessary in light of the […]

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Here’s why Porn addiction is not good for you

To the extent that pornography interferes with your daily life, viewing pornography regularly could be detrimental to your health, even though it may be helpful for sexual education, self-exploration, or even improving relationships with your partner. Like other dependencies, porn addiction can have various negative consequences even though there is little research on the effects […]

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Heavy Breakfast = Weight loss

What did the scientists find? It’s unlikely that eating the most critical meal first thing in the morning will change anything. According to study author Alexandra Johnstone, a registered nutritionist and professor in the school of medicine, medical sciences, and nutrition at the Rowett Institute at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, “the notion of […]

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Hight Time to talk about Sex Education in India

According to Prof. Kumar, patients typically deal with three kinds of sexual issues: dysfunction, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and reproductive health cases. (Representational/File) Professor Santosh Kumar, Department of Urology, PGI: “The ideal way to go about sexual problems is to consult a urologist or a gynaecologist, who are qualified doctors.” Prof. Kumar spoke at the […]

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Has Pandemic led to a growing demand for Mental Health Treatment?

Between 2019 and 2021, the proportion of adults in the US who had received treatment in the previous year—such as medication or counseling—rose. Although there are racial disparities, new research indicates that the proportion of American adults who have recently received mental health treatment has increased throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Mental health awareness and treatment […]

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Can high Folic acid doses raise COVID risks?

“We investigated whether the high doses of folic acid — five times the safe upper limit — prescribed to patients for a variety of medically recognized indications were associated with COVID-19 diagnosis and death, “said Dr. Ralph Green, a co-author of the study and a B vitamins’ specialist from the University of California, Davis. “We […]

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Life cycle approach – a solution to nutritional problems in India?

Good health and nutrition are the foundation of a healthy person, family, community, and country. However, as evidenced by the results of the recently released fifth round of National Family Health Surveys, India continues to face problems with nutrition (NFHS-5, 2019-21). The survey shows a worsening trend in the prevalence of anaemia across all population […]

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