diabetes impact your sexual life

Can having diabetes impact your sexual life? Expert responses

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Diabetes is a metabolic disease that develops when blood sugars are higher than usual. It might complicate into several other diseases like cardiovascular issues, kidney failure, and stroke at times, if untreated. For treatment regular visits to diabetologist, should be followed.

But did you know that both men and women with Diabetes can experience problems with their sex lives? According to the American Diabetes Association, people with Diabetes are more likely to experience sexual issues. Dr Ritesh Gupta, Director of Diabetes and Endocrinology at Fortis CDOC Hospital in New Delhi, explained the situation: “Diabetes can negatively impact sex life due to its effect on nerves, circulation, and hormones. Additionally, the strain of managing a chronic illness can affect one’s sexual life.”

Effects on men
According to the expert, men who have Diabetes are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction and decreased sexual desire. “High blood sugars can affect the nervous system and blood flow, which can lead to erection problems.”
Furthermore, uncontrolled Diabetes may result in low testosterone levels, which can cause erectile dysfunction and low libido.

Effect on females
Diabetes can also cause a decrease in sexual desire in women.
Women with Diabetes may feel less sexually motivated. Dr. Gupta continued, “Uncontrolled sugars may result in genital infection, which may impair sexual activity.”

Treatment and prevention
Experts recommend a balanced diet, regular exercise, and adequate sugar level control to stop the onset of these complications.

“Persons with Diabetes and sexual issues require a thorough evaluation. For these problems, there are efficient treatments available. Sometimes men with low hormone levels require testosterone replacement, but these must be taken only on a doctor’s advice,” he said in his conclusion.