Can gut health impact hormone balance?

How Does Gut Health Impact Hormonal Balance?

Our gut system transcends its traditional role in digestion and is intricately linked to our holistic health, particularly hormonal regulation.  This relationship underscores that disruptions in gut equilibrium can adversely affect our hormonal balance, creating a reciprocal dynamic. Understanding the profound connection between the gut and hormones unveils the importance of a balanced diet in […]

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Can risk of Alzheimer’s be reduced?

Ways to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Degeneration of brain health, memory health, Alzheimer’s, or dementia are common health problems elderly people face. Ageing is inevitable, but losing one’s cognitive ability does not have to be a mandatory part of ageing.  While there’s no guaranteed way to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, several lifestyle changes can significantly improve brain health and reduce the risk […]

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