5 Ways to boost your metabolism.

Five Ways to Boost Your Metabolism.

Your energy levels are largely dependent on how efficiently your metabolism functions. You should ensure that you practise healthy habbits to boost your metabolism. Table of Content: What is Metabolism? Role of Metabolism Basal Metabolic Rate Difference between a fast metabolism and slow metabolism Factors affecting metabolic rate Five Ways to boost your metabolism Our […]

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Yoga is the best way to reduce stress

Six Types of Yoga to Reduce Stress!

With everything progressing at a fast pace around us, our life has become a juggling act between professional, emotional, personal, and social commitments. Managing so many things together leaves no room for personal attention and increases our stress levels. A smart way to reduce your stress and enhance your health at the same time is […]

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Thyroid health

Seven ways to keep your Thyroid healthy

Our busy work schedules and hectic lifestyle impact our thyroid health the most. Maintaining thyroid health is pivotal for healthy living. Table of Content Why is the thyroid important? Functions of Thyroid Gland. Thyroid disorder. Why is World Thyroid Day Celebrated? What are the causes and symptoms of Thyroid disorder? How to prevent Thyroid disorders? […]

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Vitamin D can prevent risk to Cancer

Vitamin D deficiency may increases risk of Cancer!

Vitamin D deficiency may increases risk of Cancer! Researchers in recent studies have established a direct link between our Vitamin D levels and the cancer-fighting capability of our body. Individuals with good Vitamin D are observed to have lower chances of developing Cancer rather than ones having lower vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is a […]

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Eat Good and Feel Good

Five Food that Boost Mental Health!

Like a luxurious car that runs on premium fuel, your brain also requires good food to function well. Table of Content: Can food boost your mental health?  Is there any link between food and mental health?  What are the best foods for good mental health?  Can food boost your mental health? Your overall development and […]

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10 habits for healthy liver

Ten Habits for Good Liver Health

A healthy liver is the foundation of your overall health. It is responsible for multiple processes in your body. Therefore, liver health should be one oy your top priorities. The liver is one of the largest organs in the body; it removes all toxins, clears medication, and metabolizes (breaks down) food. It also adjusts cholesterol […]

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Eleven Ways to Keep Hypertension at Bay!

Hypertension, often termed high blood pressure, is one of the critical risk factors leading to heart-related disease. If your blood pressure is high, here are a few important things about Hypertension that you must know. Table of Content: Why is Hypertension harmful? Symptoms of Hypertension. What is World Hypertension Day? The theme for this year’s […]

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