Is Monkeypox stressful for your heart?

According to a recent case study, the contagious virus known as monkeypox, which results in a skin rash that resembles blisters, may also cause heart issues. Researchers from Portugal described a 31-year-old patient with monkeypox who developed acute myocarditis about a week after his other symptoms began in findings published on September 2 in JACC: […]

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A study on asymptomatic infection in a Monkeypox Epidemic

Paris: French researchers discovered monkeypox virus in anal samples from asymptomatic men who have intercourse with men, highlighting the likelihood of asymptomatic infection yet another concern in the current viral outbreak. The most recent monkeypox virus outbreak, which occurred in May, primarily afflicted guys who had sex with men. Although cutaneous lesions characterise most infections, […]

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