Control cholesterol naturally!

Black Pepper can help Lower cholesterol

Black pepper, a spice used in cooking to make food spicy, is recently gaining attention for its remarkable health benefits.  Black pepper is a fantastic spice that possesses cholesterol-fighting properties that provide numerous health benefits. It helps in digestion, lowers cholesterol levels, reduces constipation, boosts hair and skin health, controls depression, lowers joint pain, treats […]

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LDL Cholesterol

Five foods that reduce LDL Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fatty substance found in the various cells in our body. Our body requires some amount of cholesterol for smooth functioning. However, excess cholesterol harms our health and leads to cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Sonal Mhatre, BHMS with 17 years of Clinical experience, explains the risk associated with increased levels of LDL and suggests […]

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heart attack

Post Covid, cases of heart attack on the rise in India: Doctors

Due to high incidence and prevalence of diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, dietary habits, genetic risk factors, rising rates of obesity and sedentary lifestyles, smoking, and other risk factors, Indians are already more likely than Westerners to suffer a heart attack, and this risk is higher at a younger age. Leading cardiologists reiterated that long-term COVID could […]

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