Ways to Resume Normal Life post Cancer Treatment

Ways to Resume Normal Life post Cancer Treatment

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The diagnosis of cancer and the treatment involves a roller coaster ride that impacts an individual’s emotional, physical, and mental strength. However, the journey ahead is more crucial post-cancer treatment as it determines the further quality of life.

So, how can a survivor deal with life post their treatment and resume being normal? Here are seven ways crucial for improving the quality-of-life post-treatment that survivors should implement.

1. Keeping stress at bay. The kind of trauma one has been through post-diagnosis is enormous. It is essential to minimize stress for a faster recovery. Being stress-free helps a survivor cope with life faster and better. It also helps in controlling anxiety and depression. A few ways to reduce stress can be: 

  • Joining cancer support groups.

  • Doing meditation.

  • Counselling in case you feel low.

  • Catching up with family and friends.

  • Keeping oneself away from negative thoughts. 

2. No Tobacco, please! Tobacco is a strict no as it may lead to severe complications. The single best thing to do as a survivor is to stop smoking. By not smoking, one can lower the risk of developing a second cancer and reduce the chances of developing heart disease and stroke. It may be hard for people who are addicted to smoking, but it is not impossible. Keeping oneself away from smoking should be the way of life for a survivor. 

3.Avoiding Alcohol: Alcohol has many health risks, and in the case of a cancer survivor, it may increase the chance of another cancer. In case one finds it difficult to avoid drinking, consuming in moderation can be a way out. But strictly in moderation and occasionally. The aim should be to quit alcohol at the earliest.

4. Being Physically Active: Regular physical activity boosts energy, improves mobility, and reduces anxiety and other cancer-related symptoms. Additionally, it may lower the risk of recurrence and improve the quality-of-life post survival. This is crucial for both patients who have completed their treatment and those in the middle of their treatment.

You may not feel energetic initially, but moving little by little and doing small amounts of physical activity can help you get your health back on track.

5.Healthy Weight: Maintaining a healthy weight during or after the treatment is crucial. The medicines and treatment often affect a patient’s weight. But maintaining a healthy weight can accelerate the recovery and improve the life of a cancer patient. While trying to maintain a healthy weight, there are a few important points one should consider like:

  • Eat meals in smaller portions and slowly.

  • Avoid sugary drinks.

  • Get enough sleep.  

6. Be cautious about your diet: Diet plays a pivotal role in recovering post-treatment. A healthy diet is a must for patients during and post-treatment. A nutritious diet can help in coping with the health that has got affected due to medicines and other cancer-related treatments. Adding fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to the regular diet, along with limiting or avoiding red meat, processed meat, and full-fat dairy, can help in recovering faster.

7. Be Regular on Check-Ups and Screenings: As a survivor, attending regular post-treatment check-ups is important. These check-ups can help a patient to be aware of the current health situation and be useful in taking corrective measures. One must not miss getting the examination done on a regular basis. 

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