Surge in COVID-19 Cases

Surge in COVID-19 Cases: Are we about to witness another wave?

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India records the highest number of single-day cases. Is it a cause to worry?

As per the official data of the Health Ministry, there were 10,000 COVID-19 cases reported on April 14, 2023. It has been the highest number ever to be reported on one single day. The experts attribute this rise to the XBB 1.16 variant of Omnicorn lineage.

The cases will continue to rise in the coming eight to ten days. However, experts do not consider the rise in cases a significant concern. The new variant XBB 1.16 is not seen as fatal.

Despite a surge in the reported cases, as per experts, it cannot be identified as a wave.

XBB 1.16 is causing COVID 19 cases to rise.

According to the experts, the rising number of COVID-19 is severe and a potent reminder for all to remain vigilant in our day-to-day activities. However, the current reported number cannot be considered as the exact number of COVID-19 cases, as many patients are likely to be asymptomatic and still need to get tested; also, some patients do home testing, which is not reported.

Though the cases are increasing steeply, as per the experts, this variant is mild, but the infectivity of this variant is high.

In the reported cases, it has been observed that in 3-4 days, the symptoms like body pain, fever, throat pain, and running nose tend to ease out. There have been no prolonged symptoms observed in patients. However, if such symptoms persist, you must consider taking a RTPCR test.

As per the experts, the immunity gained from vaccination allows the body to fight better with this strain. However, vaccines are not a fool-proof combat tool against the variant. Fully vaccinated individuals can also get the infection.

With over 70% of our population being vaccinated and the other 30% having herd immunity, the virulence of this strain will be low.

Pregnant women, young children, and the elderly should be cautious.

According to experts, it is recommended that the elderly, young children, and pregnant women should maintain great caution against the virus.

It has been suggested that people with existing medical conditions, like diabetes, heart disease, asthma, lung diseases, chronic kidney or liver disease, and cancer are more likely to contract the disease due to low immunity.

Therefore, people with any medical condition should maintain high caution.

The magnitude of this virus can be reduced with people being more vigilant about the current strain’s spread. However, if you are suffering from flu symptoms, it is better to consult a doctor at the earliest.

As Covid-19 cases are on the rise again, it is crucial to follow all precautions like wearing a mask, cleaning your hands frequently with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water, practising physical distancing when possible, avoid contact with sick people, avoid going to crowded places if possible.