Diabetes and Hearing? Let's decode the connection

Diabetes and Hearing? Let’s decode the connection

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According to the American Diabetes Association, about 37 million Americans have diabetes. 34.5 million of them also suffer from hearing loss of some kind.

According to a recent study, hearing loss is twice as common in people with diabetes as it is in people without the disease. The rate of hearing loss is 30% higher for 133 million people with prediabetes than for people with normal blood sugar levels.
According to the association, the cause may be that having high blood sugar levels can harm the inner ear’s tiny blood vessels. This would be comparable to how diabetes can harm the kidneys and eyes.
The association recommends that anyone who believes they may be losing their hearing speak with their primary care physician/diabetologist before seeking possible assistance from an audiologist, a qualified hearing aid dispenser, or a physician who specialises in hearing issues.
Asking people to repeat themselves a lot, having trouble following conversations with more than two people, and believing that people are mumbling are all symptoms of hearing loss. Additionally, they may include difficulty hearing in noisy environments like crowded restaurants, difficulty hearing the voices of women and young children and turning up the TV or radio volume too loudly for those nearby.
At the end, Diabetes symptoms can take various forms and one should hear from the experts about the same.