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Uncontrolled BP and diabetes are the leading causes of kidney failure: Doctors

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While the majority of cases of kidney disease are caused by uncontrolled blood pressure, blood sugar, or both, other causes include addictions to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and long-term painkiller use, said Dr. Manish Mandal, IGIMS Director.

Patna: Although several hospitals have the resources to treat urologic conditions involving the kidneys, the state capital still has few kidney transplant facilities.

Such a facility is currently lacking, even in the state capital’s most extensive government healthcare facilities, such as Patna Medical College and Hospital and Nalanda Medical College and Hospital. The All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Patna recently appointed two specialists in this field and suggested starting it early in 2019.

A well-equipped kidney transplant facility is only available at the Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (IGIMS), a government hospital. The last kidney transplant, which took place just a week ago, was one of 91 completed successfully since this facility opened about four years ago, according to IGIMS superintendent Dr. Manish Mandal.

He claimed that while this surgical procedure typically costs between Rs 7 and Rs 10 lakh in private hospitals across the nation, it only costs Rs 3.50 lakh at IGIMS. All these transplants were carried out following kidney donation from the nearest relatives.

Dr. Mandal acknowledged that more patients crowded into the OPDs at IGIMS, indicating that kidney problems are becoming more prevalent. He then listed several causes for this. According to him, other causes of kidney problems included addictions to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and prolonged painkiller use, in addition to the majority of cases being caused by uncontrolled blood pressure, blood sugar, or both.

Dr. Mandal stated that taking herbal products, typically prescribed by quacks or inexperienced medical professionals under the guise of Ayurvedic medicines, occasionally chokes the kidneys, resulting in their failure and requiring immediate medical intervention.

Renal diseases are primarily caused by high blood pressure and blood sugar, according to the renowned urologist and managing director of Ruban Hospital Dr. Satyajit Kumar Singh. However, some autoimmune diseases and excessive medication also contribute to this issue. He claimed that 15 successful kidney transplants, costing about Rs 6.50 lakh, had been performed at Ruban in the previous three years.

According to Dr. Singh, relatives like parents, brothers, sons, and daughters are the first choice of donors for kidney transplants. However, they may also consider external donors in some circumstances.

According to its medical director Dr. Talat Halim, Paras Hospital is another private healthcare facility that has performed about 50 kidney transplants in the previous four years.