Pandemic after effect causing a rise in strokes among people in Indore.

Pandemic after effect causing a rise in strokes among people in Indore.

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Records indicate that it stayed at 687 in 2020–2021 when the district experienced the pandemic’s outbreak, and the first wave was first reported. The cases are reported when patients visit for initial or follow-up care, at various district government facilities of the health department.

According to records from the district office of non-communicable diseases, stroke cases in the medical center of Madhya Pradesh, Indore, have increased three times since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic (NCD).

With two waves of the COVID-19 pandemic, stroke cases increased to 1697 in the most recent fiscal year (2021–2022) from only 576 in the pre-pandemic financial year 2019–20, according to records.

“It is because COVID-19 infection caused blood thickening, which results in both problems. The relationship between COVID-19 and the increase in brain stroke cases has also been documented in several journals, according to Dr. Lekhra.

“In the case of Indore, there was also a natural phenomenon of increased brain stroke patients after the second COVID-19 wave. Therefore, blood thinners are prescribed to COVID-19-infected patients to prevent these problems, according to Dr. Lekhra.

Dr. Lekhra continued, “Stroke does occur and recur in many patients despite this. 390 stroke cases have been reported so far in the current fiscal year as of August, according to records.