People with COPD should take precautions in winters: Doctors


Your heart and lungs are under more stress due to your body working harder to stay warm when the temperature drops. TB kills 1.5 million people globally, while COPD kills about 3 million. If there are symptoms, one should see a doctor, advises Prof. Ved Prakash.

Lucknow: Sarita Dhanuk, 56, a private sanitary worker, was brought to the critical care medicine department of KGMU with wheezing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath.

Her chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) was discovered to be the cause of her inaction in taking precautions against pollution and the cold. This resulted in an abrupt COPD attack.

In a press conference held on Tuesday to commemorate “World COPD Day,” Prof. Ved Prakash, head of KGMU’s critical care department, discussed Sarita’s case. According to him, cold weather can be hazardous for people whose lungs are already sensitive to irritation from pollution and cold air. Prof. Prakash said, “When the temperature drops, the body works harder to stay warm, putting additional strain on your heart and lungs,” explaining how the cold season affects COPD patients. According to pulmonologist Dr. Rajendra Prasad, 3 million people worldwide die from COPD each year, compared to 1.5 million who die from TB. A doctor should be consulted if there are symptoms.