International Nurse Day

International Nurse Day 2023

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As mentioned in a famous quote by Val Saintsbury, “Nurses dispense comfort, compassion, and care without even a prescription.” Nurses play a critical role in our society.

Table of Content

• What is International Nurse Day, and why is it celebrated?
• The history behind International Nurse Day
• Theme for 2023
• International Nurse Day – Significance
• How to Celebrate Nurse Day

What is International Nurse Day, and why is it celebrated?

International nurse day is observed on May 12th every year. This day is dedicated to appreciate the selfless service that nurses extend to the society. Nurses are one of the vital foundation stones in our healthcare system.

The word NURSE stands for Noble-Understanding-Responsibility-Sympathy-Efficient. Nursing as a lifesaving profession includes all aspects of providing healthcare, directing patients, preventing disease, and providing medical assistance and care to the sick.

A nurse aids in the treatment of medical conditions, monitoring the patient’s response and reporting it to the seniors for apt calls. A nurse plays an essential role in management of patient’s physical needs and preventing further complications.

The role of nurses during the recent pandemic has been enormous. They have played a crucial role in comforting and reaching out to people suffering from the deadly diseases. These healthcare providers took the role of being frontline warriors.

Despite being exposed to the hazards of COVID-19, nurses continued to work and serve mankind by working extra hours, managing situations when healthcare supplies were limited, and serving patients despite personal loss.

The generous contribution that nurses have made to society has been remarkable over the ages, especially during mass outbreaks of diseases.

The history behind International Nurse Day:

The International Council of Nurses in 1974 declared May 12th as international nurse day in honour of Florence Nightingale. She is seen as an icon and is the founding member of modern-day nursing. She is known worldwide for her selfless contribution to healthcare.

Despite belonging to a wealthy family, she chose to serve humanity and the poor. She gave prime importance to hygiene and cleanliness in hospitals, and her supreme knowledge of medicines saved lives of innocent people.

The theme of International Nurse Day 2023:

ICN has declared this year’s international nurse day theme – “Our Nurses, Our Future.” This theme aims to encourage young people to take nursing as a profession and empower the nursing system to face global healthcare challenges in future.

ICN, along with other healthcare institutes, aims to invest resources for a brighter future in nursing.

International Nurse Day – Significance

International nurse day is one of the most important occasions in the healthcare industry. It celebrates the selfless spirit of caregivers. International nurse day is important because of below reasons:

• Raises awareness about the challenges faced by nursing professionals.
• This day highlights the selflessness extended by nurses while treating their patients.
• It allows us to applaud tireless efforts and never-ending spirits of nursing community.

How to Celebrate Nurse Day?

We all have experienced the love and care of nurses at some point in our life. Acknowledging the efforts of our caregivers on international nurse day can be special for them.

You can express your gratitude by sharing a thank you message with a nurse who has attended you or your family members.

Don’t miss the opportunity to appreciate and acknowledge the efforts and care extended by your caregiver during the treatment. Feedback from a patient can make them happy.

A little appreciation and gratitude from the society can be a great encouragement for the nurses to continue their selfless work with full zeal and compassion.

Lastly, ensure that you treat nurses respectfully the next time you visit a healthcare institute, as they deserve your appreciation and respect.