What is a senior citizen healthcare?

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With life expectancy improving worldwide, many people have started living into their sixties. But this means due to aging, they become more vulnerable to health issues, thus requiring more assistance and elderly care. 

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  • Old age health problems

  • Why special attention is required

  • Benefits of Senior Citizen Health Plan

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As an individual starts aging, they need constant care regarding medication and monitoring blood pressure, blood sugar level, and other vital parameters. As constant monitoring can help identify a potential threat to one’s health.

Old age health problems

Let us look at common health conditions that our loved ones may develop in old age and how they may affect their quality of life:

Hearing loss: People often lose their hearing capacity as they age. Due to this, they may find it difficult to answer a phone call hey may miss a doorbell, emergency alarm, fire alarm, vehicle horn and might land up in trouble.

Cataracts and refractive errors: Vision issues like cataracts are common in the elderly. This may affect their daily life and how they interact with their environment. Therefore, it is imperative to get the eyesight checked regularly and get the vision correction done.

Osteoarthritis: A person may experience weak bones and bone pain due to aging. This may cause back and neck pain. In some cases, it may also cause bone injuries and affect the basic movement of the elderly, not only outside the home but within the home, too. It is important to check calcium and vitamin D levels in the blood and do a bone density test if required. It is also important to prevent falls.

Diabetes: Fluctuation in blood sugar level and how our body produces and absorbs insulin changes drastically in old age. This may affect an individual in multiple ways, increasing the risk of heart disease, heart attack, or stroke. 

Mental Health: Older age is often associated with mental health issues like depression and anxiety. This affects the overall well-being of elderly people as they start overthinking and experience increased stress.

Dementia is a condition associated with an individual’s memory, like the capability of thinking or remembering things and making day-to-day decisions.

As people age, they are more likely to experience several conditions simultaneously, affecting their physical and mental well-being.

Why special attention is required

As an individual age, due to decreased immunity and health complications, one may require special attention and care so that the quality of life is not impacted. 

Nowadays, in the nuclear family setup, as kids embark on their solo journey of building and exploring their lives, the parents are left behind alone. However, at this stage, an individual’s health requires special attention because of several reasons:

  • With aging, the body becomes prone to medical conditions.

  • Elderly people may tend to forget basic things.

  • They may feel emotionally and mentally stressed.

  • They may be unable to do daily chores due to decreased physical strength.

Benefits of Senior Citizen Health Plan

We all have elderly family members who need extra care and attention as they age. But with our busy schedules, we may not always be around our loved ones; therefore, to ensure the well-being of our elderly loved ones, we must ensure that we have a Senior Citizen Health Plan subscription.

  • Senior Citizen Health Plan can help identify any threat to the elderly’s health condition immediately due to constant monitoring; this may help in better treatment. 

  • These plans generally have provision of an attendant. Having an assistant can prevent the elderly from getting tired or stressed.

  • The elderly may feel mentally better due to the presence of someone at the house and may show signs of stability or improvement in existing health conditions.

  • In the presence of a home assistant, there comes a disciplined approach to the everyday schedule in terms of food and medicines; this may help in the overall well-being of an individual.

  • Additionally, one can focus better on their jobs and commitment without worrying much about their elderly parents.

Book your Senior Citizen Health Plan Today

Livlong presents Senior Citizen Health Plan that has been designed carefully to address all the healthcare needs of our elderly loved ones with a aim to provide healing and care. This includes:

  • 24 Hours tele consultation of General Physician and Specialist through Pan India

  • Full Body check up that includes 83 parameters.

  • Nutritionist Tele-consultation Pan India

  • Physiotherapy services at home Pan India

  • Pharmacy delivery support Pan India

  • Ambulance Service Pan India.

  • Online or At home fitness services such as Yoga, Zumba, fitness trainers assistance etc.

  • Psychologist/Counsellor visit at home

So here is a smart way of taking care of your aging parents and grandparents by not negotiating on quality and prioritizing the health of your loved ones.