How should men ensure good health?

Men’s Health Tip you cannot Miss!

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With November being the month dedicated to men, focusing on things crucial for maintaining good health in Men is essential. 

Generally, men are caught up in the daily grind of work-travel-home and repeat. Amidst this daily routine, they must prioritize their health, which is crucial for a brighter tomorrow. 

Taking charge of our health is vital at any age – and it is never too late to start developing healthier habits. Like women, men need extensive care about their health, have regular checkups, manage stress, prioritize their diet, and stay active.  

Here are seven basic and simple points to practice for better health, especially for men. 

  1. Regular Health Checkups, even if you feel OK: The best way to ensure and maintain good health is to have a regular annual physical checkup, even when things appear normal. A regular full body checkup can help assess the body, basis vital parameters and accordingly one can start modifying lifestyle to improve one’s health. A health checkup is important because it helps in:

  • Early detection of Disease/ Condition

  • Appropriate Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Save on Advance Treatment Cost

  • Eliminate Unnecessary Health Tensions

One must ensure that an annual checkup includes glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure, thyroid, vitamin, and iron levels evaluations along with liver and kidney function screenings. Book a Health Checkup Now. 

  1. Do not delay seeing a doctor when things do not seem to be normal: It is extremely crucial to see a doctor if you observe changes in your bathroom or sleep patterns, have a cut or wound that does not seem to heal by itself, notice a growth on skin or changes in birthmarks or moles. Further, unexplained weight fluctuations or sexual dysfunction are equally alarming. Generally, many significant health issues often begin with minor problems that could have been prevented or managed better if they had been identified earlier. Rather than avoiding such signs, one must visit a doctor and discuss health concerns timely. Further, with healthcare advancements, it is not necessary to visit a doctor physically; one can opt for an online consultation too, in case of having a busy schedule. Prioritizing one’s health is important. Book a doctor’s appointment.

  1. Family History is Important: Knowing the disease patterns in one’s bloodline is vital. One must be aware of any history of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, or other chronic health conditions in the family, as this puts an individual at a higher risk of developing these conditions. One must apprise the doctor about the family history so that an action plan is in place to minimize risks and early detection.

  1. Cancer Screening: Certain types of cancer are more common in menlike colon cancer, prostate cancer, or lung cancer. Based on family history, age, and lifestyle, one must undergo cancer-related screening as per doctor’s advice.

  1. Avoid Tobacco and Alcohol Consumption: Both tobacco and alcohol have zero nutritional value and cause irreversible impact on our health. It is best to stay away from both these substances to have a healthier and disease-free life.

  1. Practice an Active Lifestyle: Ideally, one must indulge in some sort of physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day. But if it is difficult to manage time for a workout, then a brisk 20-minute walk a few times a week with spouse or regular play outside with kids or grandkids can be stress-relieving and good for heart health. 

  1. Take a Break and Rejuvenate! Taking a break regularly from the standard daily routine can be highly helpful in managing stress. This does not necessarily mean that one must take a vacation. Many things can help an individual unwind and relax, like listening to audiobooks and podcasts on the drive to work.

The bottom line is, irrespective of age; one must prioritize health above all things and adopt a healthy lifestyle that helps improve health, manage stress, and reduce chances of developing a chronic health condition.