AIIMS makes OPD processes easier for cancer patients

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On September 30, the newly appointed director M Srinivason removed all user costs up to Rs 300, and fee collection of Rs 10 for new OPD cards will also be suspended across AIIMS. Additionally, from November 1, all prior new RAK OPD and surgical block OPD appointments will be made slot-wise to stagger patient influx.

New Delhi: The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has eliminated the Rs 10 cost for a new OPD card and implemented “slot-wise” appointments to streamline patient flow into the institute’s new Rajkumari Amrit Kaur’s (RAK) outpatient department. This will take effect on November 1.

On September 30, the recently appointed director M Srinivas issued an order abolishing all user fees up to Rs 300. The Rs 10 fee collection for a new OPD card at AIIMS will also be stopped. Additionally, all previous new RAK OPD and surgical block OPD appointments will be made slot-wise starting on November 1 in order to stagger the patient inflow.

The order stated, “Patients with a prior appointment will be allowed entry into Masjid Moth campus and new RAK OPD at their designated time slot only from November 1,”.The patients who arrive early shall be asked to wait in the designated waiting area close to the OPD underneath the solar farm hanger. Pregnant patients and patients with disabilities are exempt from this directive and may enter the facility without any restrictions.

All patients without an appointment were also required to wait in the designated area, according to the order. They will receive a slot-based token number specific to their department. The order also stated that these patients “shall also be provided with a slot identification wristband to facilitate ease of ushering them in and out of the waiting area.”

Patients who are unable to obtain tokens for the same consultation day will be instructed to select the next appointment from the waiting area kiosks and return on the specified date, per the order.