Six Diabetic friendly drinks to try!

Diabetes News

After getting diagnosed with diabetes, having freshly blended cool fruit juice becomes difficult. Rather, having a chilled glass of fruit juice no longer remains a choice for someone with diabetes. Here is a healthy solution to it. Why not have drinks that help regulate blood sugar levels and provide you the cooling effect of a juice too?

Here is a list of six diabetic friendly drinks that are full of nutrition and packed with freshness.

1. Vegetable Juices

Vegetable juices are a healthy option for diabetics. There is an array of colourful vegetables diabetics can pick from. Packed with vitamins and minerals are combinations like tomato and pepper (red, yellow, or green) or green apple, cucumber, or amla juice. A blend of spinach and cucumber with a dash of ginger and lemon is also a good option and helps regulate metabolism. Another healthy drink for diabetics can be bitter gourd blended with beetroot; this juice is known to lower blood sugar.

2. Coconut water with sabja seeds

Coconut water is known to cool the body and contains antioxidants. It can be combined with sabja seeds (basil seeds), a good fibre source. It can be one of the best summer drinks for diabetics. Like coconut water, sabja is known to hydrate. The fibre in sabja seeds also helps maintain sugar levels. Adding a dash of lime can enhance the flavour and health benefits of the drink.

3. Sattu drink

Sattu is made of roasted gram that is powdered. It has many nutritional benefits, including aiding digestion and improving blood sugar levels. Not only does it cool the body, but it also keeps you full. Mixing and blending about 4 tbsp of sattu powder with 4 tbsp of curd, a pinch of rock salt, chat masala, jeera powder, and some coriander leaves to make a refreshing savoury drink. Adding rock salt instead of table salt aids digestion and helps if a person bloats. 

4. Chia seed drink

Diabetics can also have Omega 3-rich chia seed water by soaking 2 tbsp chia seeds in 1 liter water and sipping them throughout the day for hydration. Adding lemon and mint can be refreshing.

5. Bel (wood apple) drink

Wood apple is known to control blood sugar levels and is also high in antioxidants. The pulp of the fruit can be blended with water. While most people have it as a summer drink mixed with sugar, diabetics can switch to a healthier twist by mixing it with jeera powder and chaat masala. 

6. Buttermilk

Buttermilk is one of the best drinks to have generally. The buttermilk has curd in it, making it healthier and a must for diabetics. This drink is a great probiotic that cares for gut health and digestion and keeps a person hydrated.

Having these drinks can not only help control blood sugar level but also give you several health benefits along with keeping you refreshed.