Hand-foot-mouth disease cases in kids ascending

Hand-foot-mouth disease cases in kids ascending

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Pediatricians have noticed hand-foot-mouth disease (HFMD), a highly contagious infection, in some children over the past two weeks. This is yet another factor that may cause parents anxiety. 

Nagpur: Many kids with HFMD have uncomfortable mouth sores as well. In most instances, the infection clears up in 7 to 10 days. Doctors advise not to panic but not to mistake these blisters for those associated with tomato fever or chicken pox.

“Rashes on the hands and feet, mouth sores, and blisters are typical signs of HFMD. According to senior pediatrician Dr. Vasant Khalatkar, nearly 30% of patients who visit our OPDs exhibit these symptoms. Although this infection can affect people of any age, it most frequently affects young children under the age of 5.

According to Dr. Khalatkar, the infection is typically minor and resolves independently in a few days. “These days, technologically savvy parents become alarmed because they mistake HFMD symptoms for tomato fever. Some even questioned my knowledge of their child’s monkeypox. Just be careful, avoid this misunderstanding,” advised Dr. Khalatkar.

Children fully recover after a week and do not contract the infection again. This is so because, according to him, our bodies typically develop immunity to the disease-causing viruses.

“The initial signs of HFMD are typically fever and sore throat. According to pediatrician Dr. Sanjeev Joshi, the typical blisters and rashes appear later, typically 1 or 2 days after the fever starts.

A coxsackievirus strain, most frequently coxsackievirus A16, is often responsible for HFMD. The coxsackievirus is a member of the enterovirus family of pathogens. Other kinds of enteroviruses can occasionally cause HFMD. Physical exams are a common method used by doctors to identify HFMD.

We look for blisters and rashes on the mouth and body. According to Dr. Joshi, treatment is symptomatic. To treat painful blisters and rashes, doctors may prescribe topical ointments. They may also prescribe medicated syrups or tablets to treat painful sore throats. Parents are also advised not to self-medicate. According to Dr. Joshi, there is no need to use over-the-counter medications for HFMD.