Health updates even more updated on the Apple Watch Series 8

Health updates even more updated on the Apple Watch Series 8

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The new Apple Watch SE includes:

  • The new Crash Detection feature.
  • A completely redesigned back case.
  • Activity tracking.
  • High and low heart rate notifications.
  • Emergency SOS.

Apple has unveiled the new Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 8, which will be available in India for 45,900 and 29,900, respectively. Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE, which run on watchOS 9, are now available for pre-order, with deliveries starting on September 16.

The large, Always on Retina display on the Apple Watch Series 8 is protected by a robust, crack-resistant front crystal. The Apple Watch Series 8 adds temperature sensing capabilities, retrospective ovulation estimates, Crash Detection, and international roaming to its already best-in-class health and safety features like the ECG app and fall detection.

Powered by watchOS 9, the best smartwatches deliver more capabilities than ever before, according to Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer. “Apple Watch Series 8 reinforces our commitment in these areas with the addition of cutting-edge technology, while Apple Watch SE brings advanced core features at a new starting price,” Williams said.

With the same privacy safeguards as other health data, Apple Watch Series 8 has innovative new temperature sensing capabilities that give women more information about their health.

Every five seconds, the sensors in the Apple Watch Series 8 take a sample of the wrist temperature while the user is sleeping and can detect changes as small as 0.1 degrees Celsius. Users of the Health app can view nightly changes in baseline temperature, which can be brought on by illness, exercise, or jet lag.

According to the company, users can get retroactive ovulation estimates using the new temperature-sensing features in Apple Watch Series 8. All Cycle Tracking users will also get notifications with iOS 16 and watchOS 9 if their logged cycle history indicates a potential deviation, such as irregular, infrequent, or prolonged periods and persistent spotting, which can be signs of underlying medical conditions. To diagnose and treat any underlying medical condition, regular gynaecologist visits should be done.

A new Low Power Mode can extend battery life for the Apple Watch Series 8 to up to 36 hours when an iPhone is present, allowing users to stay connected for even longer. The Always on Retina display, workout autostart, heart health notifications, and other features are among the sensors and features that are temporarily disabled or limited by this new mode.

To suit various personal styles, Apple Watch Series 8 will be offered in a selection of case finishes, colors, and band types. This fall, new bands, and watch faces are also available for the Apple Watch Nike and Apple Watch Hermes.