5 Food you should avoid this Summer!

5 Food you should avoid this Summer!

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The rising temperature and unbearable summer heat is taking a toll on our energy levels.

With the increasing summer heat, you may experience a sudden dip in energy, you may not want to venture out, you may feel tired and drained out, many people tend to fall sick due to dehydration, and extreme heat can even lead to heat stroke.

It is, important to stay hydrated and have foods that help you maintain your body temperature during summer. Food like cucumber, curds, yogurts, buttermilk, lemons, melons, mango, and coconut mint can help keep your body to stay cool during summer.

However, knowing about foods that can worsen your energy levels and affect your body temperature is vital. Here are five foods you should avoid during summer.

  1. Avoid Spicy Food: Spicy food may increase acid reflux in the body, and result in excessive sweating, dehydration, and an increase in body heat, thereby making you uncomfortable and sick. It is advisable to avoid high spices in food during the summer.
  2. Avoid eating Pickles: Pickles are a food type that includes sodium in high amount. This is one of the significant factors causing dehydration in people consuming more pickles during summer. If you overeat pickles, remember it can cause indigestion or an upset stomach. A high sodium diet leads to bloating, swelling, and ulcers. It is best to stay away from having pickles during the summer.
  3. Avoid Junk and fried food: Junk, oily and fried food lack nutritional value and do not help maintain body temperature during summer. These foods are not suitable for gut health. The high amounts of salt, oil, and sodium in junk food can cause dehydration. Having a dosa over a burger and fries during summer can be the right thing
  4. Avoid Excessive Tea & Coffee: Many of us love having tea or coffee multiple times during the day. But this is not a smart thing to do during summer. These beverages are high in caffeine, and caffeine can cause your body temperature to go up. If you want to stay cool during summer, having coconut water, buttermilk, kokum sherbet, lemon, and mint water over tea or coffee will be best. These will help your body to cool down.
  5. Avoid food with Excess salt: Excess salt consumption is often associated with health issues like high blood pressure, bloating, heart disease, etc. A diet with high salt can be taxing on your kidneys; it may lead to dehydration, hence affecting your energy levels. It is highly advisable to keep a check on your salt intake. Having less salt in your diet can help you have better energy levels throughout the day.

During this blazing summer, we must be mindful of what we eat and drink. We should have foods that help us stay hydrated and are easy to digest.

A diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables, low in salt and sugar, can be beneficial to keep our body cool and not lead to dehydration. Eat Cool, Stay Cool!