Snacking gets Healthier than ever!

Snacking gets Healthier than ever!


With increasing health issues like obesity, diabetes, and heart attacks, people prefer healthy snacks over traditional snacking.

Changing trends.

Is snacking a good habit? Snacks are food that we eat in between our meals. The need to have a snack arises from hunger or desire to eat a particular food.

Generally, people snack once or twice a day. People commonly snack on biscuits, cookies, savouries, chips, ice cream, candy, popcorn, cake, chocolate, etc. These foods are generally fried and contain high sugar, salt content, and preservatives.

The nutritional value of a snack decides whether it is good or bad for us. An unhealthy snack lacks nutritional value and is harmful to our body.

With increasing health concerns worldwide, people are shifting their preferences from traditional snacks to healthier snacks.

Consumer Preference.

As per a recent study, brands selling healthy snacks have seen a steep increase in sales, especially post-COVID-19.

People are becoming health conscious and finding healthier food options for snacking. They are making smarter choices and picking up snacks with more nutritional value, like food rich in fibre, low-sodium options, high-protein foods, glutton-free foods, and many more. 

This drastic shift towards mindful eating and smart snacking has been observed during the pandemic. People are extra cautious about what they eat as a snack. A healthy snack nutritionally addresses hunger.

Benefits of Healthy Snacking.

  • Provides a boost of energy; the right type of snack can increase your energy level. However, fried, or fat-based food can make you feel bloated and sluggish.

  • A healthy snack helps curb your appetite and prevents overeating at the next meal.

  • Certain snacks like nuts and fresh fruits provide extra nutrients.

  • If you are ill and unable to have a full meal, healthy snacks can help maintain the adequate nutrition required by the body.

Snacking on healthy food can help you practise healthy living. However, if you need help with food options, that are rich in nutrition, you must consult a nutritionist as a guided approach can help you improvise you’re eating habit and contribute to a healthier you.