Are we a Love Sick Generation?

Are we a Love Sick Generation?


Love is a language everyone talks, but very few understand. For many Millennials & Gen Zswhen it comes to Mental Health; Love & Relationship issues take the maximum mind-space.

It may be easier to fall in love but much harder to keep it going. Broken Hearts and shattered dreams are pushing this lovestruck generation onto a ferris wheel of emotions, making them go up-and-down in circles of exhilarating highs and lonesome lows. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for 18-35 year olds to handle their tender feelings, making them actively look for support.

Meher Shah (name changed) rued, “I have reached a stage where I feel – nothing matters no more! Those butterflies I used to feel on meeting my partner in the earlier days are all gone. There’s just a hollow space somewhere inside Me. Even around my family and friends, I’m like totally – unresponsive…! I just don’t know what to do anymore!!

This is not a one-off case. A swelling number of the younger generation is facing an emotional burnout! Being connected day-and-night, and being bombarded by a flux of to-and-fro communication, there’s no way to keep raging emotions in check!

Out of 500 consultations provided by LivLong to this demographic: *40% were for Love & Relationship issues, with Family Pressure (15%), Academics (10%), Job-Career (25%) and others forming the remaining stressors.

As a society, it’s imperative to develop an acceptance of this burgeoning issueand as a measure to provide much needed assistance, an empathetic approach should be extended towards this vulnerable demographic.

*Data sourced as per surveys conducted by LivLong