Can poor nutrition impact our health?

Poor Nutrition: Impact on our Health

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Our Health is what we eat! Consuming a balanced and nutritious diet is vital for our physical and mental Health. 

Poor nutrition impacts our overall well-being in multiple ways. It may impact our energy levels and metabolism, the way our body reacts and recovers to the infection. A poor diet can even affect our mood.

Here are five things poor nutrition does to our Health and generates negative health consequences in our daily lives. 

1. Reduced immunity: Eating a nutritiously poor diet can reduce our body’s ability to fight infections. People with a poor diet are more likely to fall ill and take longer to recover from an illness. On the contrary, people with healthy diets have a more robust immune system, allowing them to fight diseases and infections. Therefore, one must make healthy choices and choose a variety of foods to ensure we get a full range of vitamins and minerals essential for our immunity. 

2. Decreased energy levels: While many of us consider eating an opportunity to enjoy new flavors or socialize, it’s important to remember that we eat to fuel our bodies. Therefore, the quality of fuel has a direct impact on our Health. Whole, unprocessed meals of mostly vegetables, fruit, lean protein, and whole grains contribute to healthy functioning and increased energy levels. 

This is because whole foods are often rich in natural vitamins, minerals, and fiber. On the other hand, a diet high in salt, sugar, processed foods, and simple starches can lead to spikes in our blood sugar, making us feel sluggish and low in energy. 

3. Disrupted sleep quality: Many factors can lead to a lower quality of sleep, and poor nutrition is one of them. Diets that lack nutrition can lead to obesity, which is directly related to conditions such as sleep apnea, snoring, and restless legs syndrome. Even if we have a healthy body mass index (BMI), a poor diet can cause heartburn and acid reflux, further interrupting a good night’s sleep. 

4. Affects our mood: Just as sugary, starchy foods like cakes, biscuits, and white bread can cause energy crashes, they can also affect your mood the same way, causing increased levels of depression and low mood. This is due to the high glycemic index of these food type that causes blood sugar spikes and disturbance in insulin responses. People who eat a healthy diet with lots of vegetables, fruit, and whole grains have decreased levels of depression and fatigue. 

5. Increased risk of memory problems: Having a poor diet might seem like a short-term issue, but it can have devastating long-term consequences on our cognitive function. While skipping a burger and having a salad may not seem that life-changing at first, it could perhaps protect our cognitive function for years to come.  

Eating nutritious, balanced meals can ensure our overall development and good health. Additionally, since our body’s requirements are different one must understand the same and have a customized diet to suit our body’s nourishment level. One must consult professional nutritionist to get a custom-made diet as this can help address several health issues an individual may be suffering from a long time.

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