How much of a People Pleaser should you be?

How much of a People Pleaser should you be?

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You are a People Pleaser if:

  • “No” is not a word in your dictionary
  • When something goes wrong, you are ready with a “sorry”
  • You want to win everyone’s approval
  • Going out of the way to help others, unmindful of your own burnout

Where does this come from:

  • Fear of Rejection
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Traumatic Childhood

People Pleasing is a part of life! Let’s set some rules to know How much to Please:

  • Instead of offering help – wait for it to be asked
  • Practice putting Self first – it’s not the same as being Selfish
  • Set Boundaries – so you are not taken advantage of
  • Remember – It’s not always your mistake

Childhood trauma & other such serious issues could be hard to break out of. A Psychologist will help you explore these options well!