6 Sureshot ways to Fulfill New Year Resolutions

6 Sureshot ways to Fulfill New Year Resolutions

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New Year Resolutions should help you grow, not weigh you down with guilt and frustration!

Follow these 6 effective steps to achieve your New Year Resolutions!

Set Specific Goals

Instead of saying “I’ll be super fit this year”, say “I’ll begin by reducing 2 kgs per month!”. It’s easier to stick by and achieve

Set Milestones

When your goal is set, set milestones that will help track your progress periodically!

Reward Yourself

Appreciate your own efforts. Keep rewarding yourself on the journey to reaching your goals. This will help you maintain high levels of motivation

Keep temptations at bay

Avoid distractions that could throw you off track. For eg., if on a weight loss journey, avoid meeting friends at cafes or restaurants

Join a group of like-minded people

Having people around you who understand you and your process can really be helpful to your growth. Also, remember you are with them for support, not comparison!

Give yourself another chance

And in the end, if you still couldn’t make it, it’s okay! Don’t be harsh on yourself! Take it easy and work on turning things around!

If this entire process makes you feel stressed and you are not able to cope with it, therapy sessions are just a click away!