Ten Health Boosting Habits for New Moms

Ten Health Boosting Habits for New Moms

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Nothing in life will ever make you happy, sad, exhausted, or proud at same time as being a mother will.

The entire journey of conceiving, carrying, and birthing a child is overwhelming for the new mother. She undergoes many challenges, emotionally, physically, and professionally, yet is expected to balance all. 

Being a mother is learning about strengths and fears you never knew you had.

With every progressing day, a new mom faces the challenges of being the perfect mother. But, the fact is there is nothing called as a perfect mother. And neither is there a checklist of how to become a perfect mother.

What should you do then? Be your best self and a loving mother.

Studies show that new mothers may experience phycological issues like postpartum depression, baby blues, persistent depressive disorder, anxiety issues, and hypertension. 

Sudden change in hormones, day-to-day schedules, worrying about the child’s growth, feeding, and increased amount of household chore all take a toll on the new mother’s emotional and mental health.

A mother’s health after delivery is important not only for herself but for the child and family too. As a new mother or a relative of a new mother, you must ensure that there are positive vibes around her and a supportive environment that makes her feel relaxed and calm. 

Here are ten good habits that will help you stay healthy and be a cool mom.

  1. Prioritize your health: Your health is going to be your key strength in the journey of playing multiple roles. As a mom, you need to treat your health as one of your top priorities so that you are in a good mind frame to care about rest of the family and support your children too. Irrespective of random feeding sessions and household chores, have a routine for yourself. Ensure you are staying physically active. Exercising helps in the release of happy hormones, thereby making you feel good. You must also ensure that you are eating well and have a balanced diet rich in nutrition so that you can control weight gain.  

  1. Morning Routine: Mornings are the start of our day. It is vital to have the right morning to have the right day. Try getting up earlier than your child so that you get some peaceful time to think and prepare for the day. The time before your child wakes up will be helpful to you, as you can have your breakfast without being in a haste. Do not forget to take your vitamins. They are important for your health, especially post-delivery.

  1. Pre-plan activities: It is always good to pre-plan and stock up on groceries before. This can save last-minute stress and anxiety. Also, when you have things ready at home, it will save your time instead of contemplating what to do next.

  1. Delegate: Post delivery, your plate of responsibilities is more than full. Therefore, avoid over stressing yourself on minor things. Take it easy and seek help from others at home. Remember, there are no awards for getting bogged down.

  1. Me Time: While you are juggling with multiple things, it is pivotal that you manage some time for yourself. Utilize this time for self-enrichment, do things that you are fond of, things that calm you. Having me-time can help you de-stress.

  1. Follow your natural instincts: Do not stress yourself by going through too many books and content on good parenting. Being a good parent comes through following your own natural instincts. Do not let your instinct fade with unnecessary worries.

  1. No comparison, please: Do not compare your child’s developmental milestones with their peers. Every child is different and gifted, they have their own growth pattern. Applaud and be happy when your child achieves a milestone. Record it, save it, and let kids be kids!

  1. Connect with your Loved ones: We all have our emotional pillars in the form of our friends and family members. Connect with yours. It is vital to normalize your social life, as this will keep you away from unwanted stress and anxiety.

  1. Sleep Well: This is essential for new moms. Ironically, getting sufficient sleep becomes difficult when you have an infant to nurture. However, it is not impossible. The Mother’s Day health tip for you is to ensure you take a nap the moment your child sleeps.

  1. Enjoy your motherhood: Just be happy about being a mother, do not crib about it. You are fortunate to play your role in creating a precious life. Kids grow fast; as they grow, you may miss these initial days of your child being cute and adorable. Cuddle them, take things easy, and stay calm and enjoy watching them grow.

In the journey of being a mom, take care of yourself. Do not miss your regular health check-ups and screening. Consult your doctor regularly, at least for the first six months.

Try to keep yourself happy and healthy; if you feel low, talk to your spouse or your best friend, and do not pile up your thoughts; this may be dangerous for your mental health.

You got to stay healthy as a mother’s health is child’s health too.