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Four Things to Avoid on an Empty Stomach

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Our morning meal is one of the most crucial, as it breaks the night-long fast and sets the tone for the rest of our day. Therefore, it is crucial to pay special attention to what we eat on an empty stomach, as it can significantly impact our health. While some keep it heavy, others prefer their first meal to be light. 

This article mentions four things that must be avoided in the morning for good health. 

  1. Tea and coffee: Consuming tea or coffee on an empty stomach triggers stomach acids, which could upset our tummy and create digestive issues. Tea, coffee, and other forms of caffeine on an empty stomach early in the morning are definitely not recommended as our cortisol (stress hormone) levels are already high when we wake up in the morning, and caffeine can elevate it further and cause excess stress.

  1. Honey in lemon water: Honey mixed in lemon water is a common drink that many people consume in the morning as they believe it helps burn fats. Honey has more calories and is higher in glycemic index than sugar. Pure honey without any additives is good for health, but it is difficult to find, and most of the honey available in the market has sugar or rice syrup in it. Therefore, consuming it first thing in the morning may spike up our blood sugar levels. Therefore, Consuming honey and lemon water in the morning is not healthy.

  1. Fruits: Many of us habitually have fruits in our morning breakfast. Fruits digest very quickly as compared to other food items. This can make us hungry within an hour. Certain citrus fruits eaten on an empty stomach can also lead to acidity. Therefore, avoid having fruits on an empty stomach. However, one can have fruits along with some source of protein in breakfast; this can help an individual reap the health benefits of fruits correctly.

  1. Sweet breakfast: Finally, consuming a savory breakfast over a sweet breakfast to maintain blood sugar levels is the best thing one can do. It is perfect for those who wish to keep tabs on their fitness. A morning meal based on proteins and fat helps lower the appetite throughout the day and prevents feeling starved till lunchtime. Sweet breakfast raises our blood sugar levels and crashes them even more quickly, keeping us hungrier, especially when craving carbs and low on energy. 

Further, one must start their day with fat like nuts, avocado, and seeds, followed by a protein-rich breakfast. This maintains our blood sugar levels and reduces food cravings throughout the day.

A protein- and fat-heavy meal in the morning helps stabilize blood sugar. Individuals who are non-diabetic, metabolically healthy, and have no insulin resistance can enjoy some healthy carbs like honey and fruits for breakfast if they wish to. We should try to enjoy our food and listen to our bodies. Some people with cortisol and stress issues may benefit from some healthy carbs that help relieve stress in the morning.

However, excessive sugar and carbohydrate consumption is not a good idea, even if we are currently metabolically healthy, as it could deteriorate our health in the long term. What we eat in the morning lays the foundation of our day and our health for the entire day. Therefore, one must avoid these four things in the morning and pair them well with other nutrients to gain health benefits. To get a customized meal plan from our expert, CLICK HERE.