Colon cancer & surviving through it.

Colon cancer & surviving through it.

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Colon Cancer at stage IV can be destructive, but Mr. Rajneesh not only survived it, he defeated it and is inspiring many lives today – Know How?

Table of Content:

  • Colon Cancer & its Impact.

  • Five warning signs of Colon Cancer.

  • Habits that may increase Colon cancer risk.

  • Reducing the risk.

  • Tips from Rajneesh Singh, how he overcame colon cancer.

Colon (colorectal) Cancer is typically defined as cancer of the colon (large intestine) or rectum. It starts in the innermost lining of the large intestine. When the cells in the colon mutate, they create polyps. These Polyps are extra growth inside the colon, which during a long period, further grow into a cancerous tumor.

If colon cancer is not detected at early stages, it spreads across the body through the blood vessels and affects other vital organs like the liver and kidney.

According to recent medical statistics, colon cancer is the third most diagnosed cancer. It is typically common among men aged 50 years and above. However, as per statistics during last 15 years, cases of patients between the age of 20 to 49 years have been increasing.

Warning signs of Colon Cancer:

We should all be aware of the five common symptoms of colon cancer.

  1. Bloated Stomach: If you feel bloated and uneasy in your belly for over a week, you should not ignore this. If bloating is accompanied by blood in poop and vomiting, you must rush to your doctor immediately.

  1. Abdominal Pain: Many things can cause abdominal pain, but if you are experiencing unusual and constant pain in your abdomen, visit your doctor and undertake the required medical investigation.

  1. Drastic Weight Loss: If you have a sudden unintentional noticeable weight loss without any dietary changes this can be an alarming sign.

  1. Vomiting accompanied by discomfort: Visit your doctor if you are vomiting regularly due to an unknown reason for more than 24 hours.

  1. Blood in Poop: If you notice blood in poop, it may be due to hemorrhoids or an annal tear. It does not need to be due to colon cancer. However, blood in poop should be taken as an alarming sign, and you must consult your doctor at the earliest.

The above signs are a few alarming symptoms of colon cancer. However, there have been cases where patients have not experienced anything from above, which is why regular screening is important for early detection.

Habits that may increase Colon cancer risk.

The risk factors include certain medical conditions, including inherited conditions, and lifestyle choices. There are certain habits that may increase the chances of colon cancer.

Obesity: Eating food with high calories and fat can lead to obesity. High obesity has been observed as one of the major factors leading to cancer and other dangerous health issues.

A diet with a lot of red meat: A diet that includes a lot of processed meat like lunchmeat, sausages, and bacon is not very healthy. This may increase the chances of developing colon cancer; it is therefore advised to limit your consumption of red meat to two servings a week.

Not Active Physically: Physical activity may lower cancer risk. Exercising regularly has many health benefits and helps your body function efficiently. Staying physically active can reduce your risk of colon cancer

Excessive Alcohol consumption: Alcohol consumption daily is seen as one of the major causes of colon cancer. Therefore, it should be limited or minimized.

Tobacco intake: Consuming tobacco products and smoking cigarettes may increase the chances of colon cancer.

There is no fixed formula or guideline to prevent colon cancer. There are ways you can reduce the risk of getting colon cancer.

  1. Having a healthy diet full of roughage and maintaining good gut health.

  2. Exercising regularly.

  3. Avoid tobacco consumption.

  4. Consume alcohol in moderation.

  5. Monitor and maintain your weight.

  6. Undertake regular screening in case of any irregularities or genetic history of colon cancer.

Surviving Colon Cancer – A Brave Story of Rajneesh Singh.

Colon cancer is one of those cancers which is often detected at advanced stages. And thus, it becomes impossible to survive it, as by the time a patient is diagnosed, most of his vital organs are affected.

Rajneesh Singh, aged 59, based in Delhi, is an HR practitioner and entrepreneur. Through his never-failing courage, has survived Stage IV colon cancer. Here are some tips from him on handling and surviving the diagnosis.

Positive Attitude: According to Rajneesh ji, being positive in his outlook right from the diagnosis to the surgery and the treatment has helped him in a big way to fight through this life-threatening illness.

Research before you finalize your doctor: It is very crucial that you research well while finalizing your oncologist. It can be a make-or-break factor in your survival.

Trust your Medical Team: Once you have finalized your medical team, trust them. As they are qualified experts in the domain, they know what is best for you. Know your line of treatment well, ask as many questions as you want, and have full faith in the process.

Be the Good Patient: According to Rajneeshji, being a good patient has helped him to overcome the disease. It is important to follow all the instructions from your medical team and take good care of yourself during and after the treatment.

Contingency Management: One of his major takeaways from this journey of cancer diagnosis was to plan and put a health contingency fund in place, as cancer can happen to anyone, and life is unpredictable.

Colon cancer can be life-threatening, but it is preventable too, with a healthy lifestyle and regular screening. Eating a fiber-rich diet, maintaining good gut health, having an exercising routine, avoiding tobacco and alcohol consumption can reduce your risk of developing colon cancer.