Time for social distancing, masks & sanitizers: IMA

COVID-19 News

Panaji: The Indian Medical Association’s Goa State division has urged the public to act in a covid-appropriate manner in light of the rapid increase in covid cases in several nations. The association has urged people to wear face masks in all crowded public venues, keep their distance from one another, and regularly wash their hands with soap or sanitizer.
Additionally, it has encouraged people to obtain the Covid vaccination, including the preventive dosage, as soon as possible and to visit a doctor if they have any symptoms such as fever, sore throat, cough, loose movements, etc.
Although there is no immediate cause for concern and no need to panic, association president Dr. Rufino Monteiro emphasised that prevention is always preferable to treatment.
The association has also requested that the government issue the appropriate directives to the relevant ministries and agencies to make emergency medications, oxygen supply, and ambulance services available.
According to recent studies, major nations like the USA, Japan, South Korea, France, Brazil, and China have reported about six lakh Covid instances.
Additionally, it has urged its members to act proactively, as they have in the past, to stop any outbreaks.