Doctors warn against critical eye & heart problems for World Cup viewers


At a time when India is gripped by FIFA World Cup fever and millions of viewers are hooked to televisions or other types of digital devices, two leading doctors from Kolkata have issued a warning regarding “Digital EyeStrain” syndrome.

Kolkata, Two renowned physicians from Kolkata have issued a warning about the “Digital Eye Strain” syndrome at a time when India is gripped by the FIFA World Cup fever, with millions of fans riveted to television sets or other types of digital devices.

They claim that the “Digital Eye Strain” ailment frequently causes severe headaches, impaired vision, eye irritation, redness and gritty feeling, and excessive weeping.

They contend that in addition to these concerns, continuous sleep deprivation during midnight games alters the body’s normal homeostasis, which negatively impacts the health of the heart and nervous system as well as the eyes. The opthalmologists advised that it can result in very dry eyes, dark circles, and puffy eyelids.

Dr. Joyeeta Das, a consultant opthalmologist with Disha Eye Hospitals, says that by taking a few simple precautions, such as keeping the room well-lit while watching such matches, keeping digital screens in eye protection mode, taking brief breaks between matches, and taking power naps during the breaks, these physical complications can be greatly reduced.

She advised against using contact lenses and keeping your eyes from being rubbed while watching sports. The most crucial thing, according to Das, is that nobody should be denied sleep at any cost.

According to Dr. PS Karmakar, a consultant cardiologist at Techno India Dama Hospital, the human heart is greatly harmed by the repeated witnessing of intense world cup football matches. He claims that from the start of the game to the finish, the anxiety and cheering cause an increase of the heart’s usual impulse rate, which causes the release of adrenaline.

“Heart palpitation, often known as an abnormally fast heartbeat or a very loud hammering of the heart, is caused by the release of the hormone adrenaline. The need for oxygen intake increases among the cardiac muscles when a typical person’s heart experiences a condition of heart palpitation. When a spectator is elderly, the condition might worsen and perhaps reach a dangerous stage because their internal organs are working at a slower rate ” he added.

He emphasised that as people age, their cardiac arteries become fairly narrow and their heart muscles do not receive enough blood. “As there is already a shortfall in the necessary amount of oxygen, if the heart is subjected to excessive agitation and anxiety, it may not be able to supply the required big amount of oxygen intake. This scenario causes chest pain that ranges from mild to severe to excruciating. Additionally, there is a possibility of an acute heart attack, particularly in heart patients, ” he added.