Delhi’s air quality improves to 177, cleanest since October 15

Delhi’s air quality improves to 177, cleanest since October 15

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With a clear sky and cool north-westerly winds, Delhi’s air quality improved and became “moderate,” making it a relaxing Tuesday.

NEW DELHI: With a clear sky and calming north-westerly winds, Delhi’s air quality improved and turned “moderate.”

On a scale of 0 to 500, the air quality index (AQI) was 177, down from 218 the day before and 306 on Sunday. Since October 15, when the AQI was 186, this is the cleanest air the city has ever experienced. Since none of the days in December 2021 experienced moderate air quality, this is also the cleanest December day in at least two years. In 2020, the AQI was 160 on December 14.

Pollution monitoring organisations claim that because of persistent winds and a clear sky, which encourage the ventilation of pollutants, the air quality may continue to improve.

“From December 13 to December 15, it is likely that the relatively stronger winds and better ventilation conditions will prevail. On December 14, the air quality will most likely continue to improve and stay in the moderate range. On December 15, it might slightly worsen but still fall into the same category. It will reach the poor category on December 16,” stated the air quality early warning system.

It added that the meteorological conditions are likely to become highly unfavourable for the dispersion of pollutants from December 17.

The wind speed on Tuesday was between 12 and 16 kmph. On Wednesday, it could be at or near 12 kph. On Wednesday, 5,400 sqm per second, 3,500 sqm per second, and 7,500 sqm per second will likely be the ventilation indices over Delhi. According to the early warning system, ventilation indices lower than 6,000 and average wind speeds less than 10 kmph are unfavourable for the dispersion of pollutants.

The maximum temperature on Tuesday was around 26 degrees Celsius, four degrees above average, and the minimum temperature was 8.9 degrees Celsius, the average for the season.

According to a weather scientist, the impact of a western disturbance will likely cause the minimum temperature to fall from December 15 onward.

“Right now, the minimum temperature is around 9 degrees Celsius. The cooler northwestern winds may cause a small drop. The minimum temperature is likely to drop after December 15, even though there won’t be much drop on Wednesday, according to senior scientist VK Soni of the India Meteorological Department.