Manage Diabetes in 5 Ways

Resolution to make for controlling Diabetes this Year!


As we embark on the journey of the new year, it is time to embrace healthy habits that help to improve our health and keep us away from health complications.

Diabetes is one such health condition, which has become a lifestyle disease disturbing life of millions across the globe.

As the calendar turns a fresh page and we welcome the start of a new chapter of our lives, it’s a great time to introspect the past and set new goals for the future. The beginning of the year signifies a date change and a symbolic opportunity for renewal and commitment to one’s well-being. So, it is a time of the year when one must set health goals and strive to achieve them for a healthier tomorrow.

Diabetes is a chronic condition. If the blood glucose levels remain high, it may damage our body’s tissues and organs. Diabetes may cause complications like cardiovascular diseases, risk of heart attack or stroke, coronary artery diseases, nerve damage, kidney failure, skin infection, and hair loss. To reduce the risk of diabetes, one must make five resolutions this year to control diabetes:

  1. Plan each meal: It is essential to plan each meal throughout the day, as this can help you control blood sugar significantly by avoiding unhealthy food which may be high in sugar. One must try to choose foods that have a lower calorie count. One must prefer foods that may not increase the blood sugar levels. Consuming small portions of tempting food over a period is advisable to fill the cravings; therefore, planning each meal is important.

  1. Stress management: When we are stressed, our body tends to produce stress hormones that boost our blood sugar levels and cause insulin resistance. Over time, this can raise our blood pressure and increase our chances of developing heart disease. One must try engaging in fun activities like music, yoga, or dancing to ease stress. 

  1. Keep the body moving: It is important to prioritize physical activity to maintain good health, but it is also crucial to keep it gentle and avoid overexertion. Simple workouts like walking or yoga can be effective. Further, one must ensure the wearing of appropriate clothes and footwear during workouts and keep a check on the body for unusual signs. If any abnormalities are noticed on the skin, it is best to consult a doctor right away to ensure proper care and treatment.

  1. Regulate sleep cycle: We often disrupt our sleeping routine due to bad habits or work. However, adequate hours of good-quality sleep is crucial in maintaining good health. It also helps avoid sleep deprivation, which can negatively impact our hunger or cravings. Additionally, sleep plays a crucial role in supporting metabolism and regulating blood glucose levels, which is essential when managing diabetes.

  1. Know the numbers: It is extremely important to consistently check our blood sugar levels. Real-time monitoring can be done through CGM tools. One must try to stay in that sweet spot of 70 to 180 mg/dl for most of the day, preferably around 17 hours out of the day. By doing this, one can effectively manage their diabetes. 

To sum up, addressing and managing health complications at the initial stage is better than at the advanced stage. To effectively manage diabetes, one must be watchful about their diet and blood sugar levels.