Remedies for Six Corporate Health Problems

Remedies for Six Corporate Health Problems

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Health problems in the workplace can have a major impact on the performance of an organization at a macro scale and of the team at a micro-scale. Health problems cripple a workforce’s motivation and willpower to deliver the best. Here are six common health problems in corporate employees and their common remedies.

Common Health Problems and Remedies in corporate employees.

1. Eye Strain

Most of our work involves long hours of working in front of a desktop or a device all day, and most people develop eye strain. Eye strain is commonly associated with dry eyes and is a painful sensation. It happens due to staring at the computer screen for a long time.

It can be avoided by having proper lighting at the working desk and adjusting the brightness of the computer screen. Additionally, taking frequent breaks from the screen and doing simple eye exercises can help relieve eye strain.

2. Headaches

Another common problem that undoubtedly harms every corporate employee is a headache. It is primarily because of work-related stress, which likely transforms into headaches. Other than this, poor body posture can also cause headaches due to neck strain.

To avoid headaches at work, employees must take regular breaks between work. A small break after continuous work for one hour can do wonders. Practicing daily workouts or yoga and maintaining proper posture in the office can reduce headaches.

3. Back Pain

Poor posture is almost every office worker’s health problem. It is mostly due to inadequate office equipment and a lack of awareness. One of the disorders that a lousy posture brings to the table is back pain. It is mostly because of the sedentary work nature.

When individuals work long hours at a desk, they tend to slouch without noticing. It puts a lot of pressure around the hips and back, which ends up in backache.

Proper office chairs with appropriate lumbar support to counter back pain can help resolve the problem of backache. Employees must move around and avoid sitting for long periods. The key here is not to work in one position for an extended period. Employees must take short breaks and practice stretches at their desks.

4. Obesity

Another common health issue for employees working in an office is gaining weight. A whole day of sitting in front of a desktop doesn’t favour weight loss. Obesity in the workplace occurs because of unhealthy eating issues, lack of exercise, stress, a sedentary lifestyle, etc.

It would be best if employees practise an active lifestyle. For instance, take stairs instead of elevators, try to hit the gym for light cardio at the office gym or a nearby gym. Further, having nutritious food instead of junk food can help individuals control their weight.

5. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It refers to the pain accumulating around the hands and wrists. It is because of the repetitive motion of the hand while working on a computer keyboard. In some cases, this can cause numbing and itching sensation around the hands.

To avoid this common health problem, employees must practice hand stretches in their workspace. Furthermore, individuals can also invest in proper workplace ergonomics for optimum safety from such disorders.

6. Mental Health

The current competitive environment with growing workplace stress can affect the employee’s mental health. For this reason, individuals must take proper care of their mental health. Meditation, yoga, talking to friends or family, or a therapist may help.


A person with good health can take up more challenges and perform better. Along with work, we should prioritise or health too. One must be aware of above health complications and adopt preveteive measures. Additionally, it is pivotal for all individuals who work long hours to have a thorough check-up regularly.