Ten Workplace Activities for Mental Wellness

Ten Workplace Activities for Mental Wellness

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An individual spends a substantial amount of his time at his workplace. If a positive and constructive environment is encouraged at work, it can be transformed into a space that contributes to positive mental well-being.

Workplaces that encourage the mental wellness of their employees are believed to play an essential role in curbing low mental health rates among workers. 

Maintaining high levels of mental wellness in the workplace is crucial to a healthy, happy, and productive team. This can help reduce mental illness in the workforce, like anxiety, stress, and depression.

Organizations can help create a positive and supportive work environment by emphasizing mental health in the workplace. With the right employee wellness program and mental wellness activities in the workplace, employers can help reduce the effects of stress and boost mental health among workers.

Recently, many organizations have started implementing policies and programs that focus on building a culture of mental wellness for employees. Here is a list of ten creative ideas that can be implemented in a workplace to encourage mental wellness.

  1. Mental health tips bulletin: Sending out a regular bulletin is one of the best mental health awareness activities at work. Through such bulletins, information, resources, and tips on managing and optimizing mental health can be shared by trained experts.

  1. Mindfulness breaks: Employees can be encouraged to schedule short mindfulness breaks throughout the day, in addition to standard lunch breaks. During mindfulness breaks, employees can practice guided meditation, relaxation exercises, or breathing techniques.

  1. Birthday Offs: Mental wellness is about balancing work and personal life. Allowing paid time off for employees on their birthdays as an optional leave can help people spend more time with friends and family, enhancing their mental wellness.

  1. Stress reduction workshops: Stress management is a critical skill for workers today. Hire a mental health practitioner to facilitate a stress-reduction seminar that teaches employees how to stay in control of their stress levels.

  1. Outdoor workspaces: Create dedicated outdoor workspaces that employees can use for creative or collaborative work. A change of setting and fresh air can help ignite new inspiration and improve mental well-being.

  1. Yoga day: Why have yoga only on the International Yoga Day? It can be made a regular ritual. Yoga has known benefits for mental well-being by combining mindfulness and physical activity into one stress-reducing practice. Having a dedicated time for a short 10-15-minute session can be helpful for employees.

  1. Gratitude challenge: Gratitude is an instant mood-booster and can help create a better team atmosphere. Starting a 30-day office gratitude challenge can help encourage employees to share what they are grateful for. Employees can even send thank-you notes to colleagues, customers, and vendors.

  1. Resilience training: Developing mental resilience is one effective way to cope with stress. Hosting a resilience training workshop can help empower employees to handle workplace challenges better.

  1. Wellness items giveaway contest: A 30-day office challenge can be conducted with rewards as wellness prizes. It can be a subscription to a meditation app or, a day at the spa, anything that can provide employees with mental relaxation.

  1. Random acts of kindness: Performing acts of kindness immediately affects stress and anxiety by boosting mood and creating positivity. Celebrating ongoing random acts of kindness at work by posting about them in a staff newsletter or sharing acts of kindness in meetings can encourage employees to have a kind and positive environment at the workplace.

Mental wellness at the work place is crucial for the progress of employees, team, and the organization. Therefore, it is vital to have a positive and constructive environment at work place.