Five Pillars of Employee Well-Being

Five Pillars of Employee Well-Being!

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Employee well-being has been regarded as one of the most important factors for organizational success worldwide. An employee’s well-being is beyond his or her physical health. It entails their mental wellness and the way they feel at their workplace. 

It is important because when employees consistently have positive experiences at their workplace, they tend to perform well. 

According to the Great Place to Work survey conducted in 2022* employee experience is influenced by many factors. But there are five pillars that create a positive and constructive environment for the employees.

  1. Sense of purpose: When employees have a strong sense of purpose towards their work, it reflects positively in their work. A sense of purpose comes from fulfilment, progress, and recognition. Therefore, an individual’s role must be aligned with the organization’s mission. Performing a suitable job can also provide an employee a higher sense of purpose instead of doing a job that may not be suitable per his or her strength or expertise. 

  1. Mental & emotional support: This relates to an individual’s mental energy and sustainability under stressful situations. Employees with good emotional and mental support are more likely to have an optimistic outlook toward their work and team. This helps build a positive environment with optimism, energy, hope, and confidence. Positive mental energy is crucial at a workplace as it greatly influences an individual’s outlook and perception of their surroundings and impacts their performance positively. An individual who has strong mental and emotional support can manage workplace stress and anxiety in a better way.

  1. Supporting Financial Health: When employees lack financial soundness, anxiety, and fear can affect their outlook and make it difficult to perform. Employees must earn good enough to feel financially stable. Financial dissatisfaction in the workplace can also arise when unequal compensation practices are followed. Therefore, it is important to have equal pay and promotion practices.

  1. Personal support: With empathy and understanding at the workplace, employees feel trusted and respected. This provides a safe and trustworthy atmosphere for employees. Individuals who have high levels of workplace flexibility and job control, along with the required resources to accomplish their goals, have evidence of personal support. Senior management needs to demonstrate support through growth opportunities and employee development.

  1. Meaningful connections: Individuals feel meaningful and cared for when there are good colleagues at the workplace who are supportive both professionally and personally. A co-operative workplace enhances an employee’s experience and increases their attachment to their workplace. Therefore, it is pivotal to create a psychologically safe environment at the workplace, which can create a sense of belonging for the employees.

How an organization performs and thrives largely depends on how its employees feel and perform. Building and enhancing these five areas strongly at a workplace will help employees feel attached to the organization and work better.

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